Celebrity opinion and false reports on the dangers of vaccines have led many parents to refuse their child's vaccinations.

So how do you convince them otherwise? Support their belief there are risks associated with vaccines, just not the ones they imagine.

For this campaign my partner and I studied numerous National Institutes of Health publications on immunizations and vaccine hesitancy among parents. Through this research we established rigid creative criteria that needed to be met in order for this campaign to be successful.

1.    Don’t instill fear. Imagery portraying children afflicted by vaccine preventable diseases further entrenches the anti-vaccination mindset.

2.   Don’t belittle or insult the target for not having considered vaccinating their child.

3.    Don’t overwhelm with complicated statistics since our target doesn’t trust the health agencies providing the facts.

4.    Do have a strong emotional pull since emotion is a key factor in our target’s decision making process.

5.    Do make it personal. Make sure the target can see themselves and their child in the campaign.

6.    Do make the target stop and think. Because only then can they change their mind.





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Art Director / Carey McKay

Copywriter / Neil Shaak